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—I am passionate about the health and wellness industry having over 25 years experience in many different aspects including; group fitness, personal training, coach, massage therapy, wellness spa owner, yoga teacher and fitness center manager.   I love keeping my own body, mind and spirit fit and passing on my passion to others so that they can feel better, live life with more zest and energy and learn to create balance.

—I bring my knowledge of the body, exercise science, nutrition and connecting body, mind, spirit to all that I do. I love teaching and empowering people to move forward with confidence and knowledge so that they can be their best. Each one of us is unique!   I use a wholistic approach to each class, session or massage so that it is personalized and effective. —I have extensive training and experience in different body work techniques including; trigger point release, myofascial release, cupping, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, PNF stretching and energy healing.  Life is all about finding your balance; doing and being; tuning in and stepping out; in-breath and out-breath.. And balance will look different for each person, but nonetheless, balance is needed.

—I love staying active through sport, fitness, connecting with nature and spending time with family and friends. My Yoga practice brings it all into balance; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It allows me time to develop my own self awareness so that I can be more internally directed rather than looking for outside acceptance and guidance. —I enjoy exploring all different aspects of yoga and love to inspire others to explore yoga more deeply.  My back ground in Human Kinetics and Therapuetic Exercise/Sports Conditioning allows me to customize programs and meet you where you are at.  I have a Synergistic approach that will ensure to inspire and give results!! 


  • Diploma Human Kinetics (Group Fitness and One on One personal training since 1992) —

  • Diploma Massage Therapy (1000 hour program practicing since 2002) —

  • Yandara Yoga Institute (200 Hours Nov 2011) —

  • Yoga Therapy (50 hours Susi Hately Functional Synergy 2015)

  • —Myofasical Release Therapist (on going training)

  • Lymphatic Drainage Level 1(Chikly Health Institute)

  • Touch Point Reflexology (40 hour program practicing since 2003) —

  • Certificate in Shiatsu Therapy (24 hour training program)

  • —Bosu Integrated Balance Training (Twist Conditioning) —

  • Sport Movement Specialist- Level 1 (Twist Conditioning) —

  • Sport Balance Specialist- Level 1 (Twist Conditioning)—

  • Reiki Level 1 and 2 (2007)